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Another scam letter - Tax Investigation Public Lien Records

Some taxpayers have received fraudulent letters claiming the state will seize their assets and property for unpaid taxes unless payment is made within seven days. These illegitimate letters appear to originate from a county office where the taxpayer is located.

For years, criminals have used aggressive and threatening scam faxes, letters, and phone calls impersonating state and federal agencies. The criminals demand immediate payment, often via a specific payment method, and threaten to seize assets and property or significantly increase the liability if you fail to pay or provide sensitive personal information.

Be incredibly wary whenever you receive unexpected messages like these, as they can be a trap. The criminals’ threats are designed to get you to react by calling the criminals’ phone number or clicking on a fake link to solve the problem. The consequences can be catastrophic. Not only can you lose your money, but if you click on links in scam emails or texts, you also could become a victim of identity theft or have malware installed on your phone or computer.

If you receive an unexpected message of this type, do not call the phone number or use the website or link provided in the letter, email or text. Most importantly, do not give the sender personal information or money.


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