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Another Tax Scam Letter – Tax Assessment Procedures Domestic Judgment Registry

Another scam letter is making its rounds among unsuspecting individuals. The letter purports to be from “Tax Assessment Procedures Domestic Judgment Registry.” The letter appears to be sent from a county office where the addressee resides. However, no return address is provided in the letter.

Although the letter states a certain dollar amount of tax is supposedly due, the letter does not identify which taxing authority is seeking payment other than stating “federal taxing authorities.” The letter also does not identify which tax period is owed. For “type of taxes,” the letter merely states “individual” without identifying whether it is referring to income tax, property tax, or another type of individual tax. The letter threatens levy, wage garnishment, or seizure of assets unless the addressee calls the phone number on the letter to pay the alleged taxes.

If you receive a letter from an agency that you have never heard of, you should do a search for the telephone number provided on the letter to see if it comes up as a scam phone number. You should also report the scam letter to your local law enforcement agency. If in the unfortunate event you have provided a scammer with your bank account information, you should notify your bank immediately.


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