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Facts About the New Form 1040

There are several changes to the 2018 Form 1040. Here are a few things taxpayers need to know:

● The new Form 1040 is shorter than before. It is about half the size of the old form.

● The 2018 Form 1040 replaces Forms 1040,1040A and 1040EZ with one 2018 Form 1040 that all taxpayers will file. Forms 1040A and 1040EZ are no longer available. Taxpayers who used one of these forms in the past will now file Form 1040.

● In addition to the familiar schedules many taxpayers know (such as Schedule A for itemized deductions and Schedule C for self-employment income), there are six new schedules taxpayers may need to use. The most commonly used lines on the prior year’s Form 1040 are still on the form, while other lines are moved to the new schedules organized by category.

Electronic filers may not notice any changes because the tax return preparation software will automatically use their answers to the tax questions to complete the Form 1040 and any needed schedules.


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