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Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Is Due August 31

The deadline to file and pay heavy highway vehicle use tax is Monday, August 31. All the information needed to file is on the Trucking Tax Center (…/small-businesses-…/trucking-tax-center).

In order to complete and file Form 2290, taxpayers will need their Employer Identification Number (taxpayers cannot use their Social Security number), the vehicle identification number of each vehicle, and the taxable gross weight of each vehicle. Taxpayers can complete Form 2290 and mail it to the IRS, or they can e-file for faster processing. Taxpayers who are reporting 25 or more vehicles are required to file electronically.

Taxpayers who are unsure if they are required to file Form 2290 can use the Do I Need to Pay the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax tool (…/do-i-need-to-pay-the-heavy-highway-ve…). Using this tool, vehicle owners answer a series of questions to help determine if they are required to pay highway use tax.


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